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Mattlen’s Smoke Show | {Southern Alberta Portrait Photographer} {Alberta Portrait Photographer}

This. I have been dreaming of doing a shoot like this for soooo long. This shoot took some time and prep to get ready for. I had to find the right model (Mattlen & Keaton, obvious choice), I needed to find smoke grenades, had to make sure it wasn’t illegal, had to wait for the right smoke colours to come in, had to be in the summer, had to have NO wind, had to find the right location so you’re not suffocating people around you, had to make the flower crown myself, had my sis in law make this amazing tulle skirt…….jeez. There is A LOT of stuff that goes into a shoot like this. But I will be sure to do a separate post on this shoot and what I learned from working with smoke grenades. Because Oh boy did we learn some lessons! haha. There are some pretty awesome bloopers from this shoot i will need to add. So stay tuned to learn more about how to do this shoot later in a post!

Ok, so back to this shoot. I knew I wanted a girl who knew what she was doing. And also had to be dating a hunk 😉 So naturally, I chose Mattlen Gibb. The most coveted/talented woman in Southern Alberta. I am so happy they decided to do this shoot with me! I feel so lucky! Slay girl, slayyyyyyyyyy. Mattlen was so nice to put up with me on this shoot. She basically was suffocating on smoke the whole time haha. It didn’t look easy to work with! But she knew exactly how to handle it and made it look like a piece of cake! And of course, I have to give out a huge shout out to Keaton, her bf, who was the hunky man next to her. He was also the one who started up the grenades because I was so scared to light them! The first one we did, I swore it was going to catch the entire coulee on fire! Sparks just flew! He was such a sweet heart to do that part for me lol. You’re the best Keaton! Also, you’re dimples……I die.

I also need to give a huge shout out to my sis in law who made this STUNNING tulle skirt. Melina from Little Bunny Tutu Custom Designs. Please go and check out her page and see what else she has to offer! She has amazing creativity and she really made this shoot complete. It would have a completely different feel if it wasn’t made. So thank you sister! Again, check her out HERE.

Without further delay, enjoy these pictures that I am so excited to share!

Photography :: Brittany Lowry Photography

Models :: Mattlen Gibb and Keaton Craig

Tulle Skirt :: Little Bunny Tutu Custom Designs

Flower Crown :: Brittany Lowry (DIY)

Smoke Grenades (Red and Green) :: MR Paintball in Calgary (cheapest I found!)



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