Lowry Wedding | {Hawaii Destination Wedding Photographer} {Big Island Wedding Photographer}

So guess what…..I got to go to The Big Island, Hawaii and shoot a wedding this summer!

And I didn’t just get to go there, I got to photograph a wedding for two of my most favourite people! Megan and Josh!! Oh my goodness you guys, Hawaii has my heart. And to be able to photograph there for an amazing and beautiful couple…… I was in heaven.

The day was full of special moments, great memories, big laughters, stunning locations, deepened love, and of course…..sand everywhere. But that’s just the way of life there in Hawaii 😉

Let’s talk about Megan for a sec, k? I met Megan the day Josh proposed to her (right Meg? I think thats right) because I was photographing the event (so amazing). I knew I loved her immediately. She belonged in the Josh’s family, and Josh belonged in hers. Fate? Yes indeed. I have known Josh for about 5 years now. Before I even met him, people would talk so highly of Josh. A Man with ‘a heart of Gold’ they would say. That is the truth.

Megan and Josh are two amazing individuals, but together they are so much more. I love you guys, and I wish an eternity of Happiness for you ❤



That guy in the back tho 😉 hahaha


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