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Allison & Chris | {Destination Portrait Photographer}

Hey everyone! For some reason I cant write my little paragraph above the images, but here I am! This session was taken back in the Fall and Ive been dying to get this up on the blog and Fb to show the images! Allison and Chris are gorgeous together and always find those little moments… Continue reading Allison & Chris | {Destination Portrait Photographer}


Chelsie & Ryan | {Edmonton Engagement Photographer}

My sister Chelsie and her fiance Ryan are up on the blog tonight! Figured I should blog this session before their wedding Photo’s go up ha! These two could never take a bad photo. Dem baby blues and high cheeks bones…..genetic lottery! Its always fun taking photos of my siblings. Documenting their lives through my… Continue reading Chelsie & Ryan | {Edmonton Engagement Photographer}


Chelsie & Ryan – A Surprise Engagement | {Drayton Valley Engagement Photographer}

Ok, so this session was a very very special one! This is my sister Chelsie and her, now, fiance Ryan. They asked me to do some photos of them since they dont have nice ones together. I was all onboard! Right in the middle of the shoot, Ryan tells us that he needs to get… Continue reading Chelsie & Ryan – A Surprise Engagement | {Drayton Valley Engagement Photographer}


Joyce & Thomas | {Destination Engagement Photographer}

OK, these two were breaking all kinds of cuteness charts. It was super snowy that day, but sometimes that can be kind of romantic, no? I think so. Even though we were freezing our butts off, these guys managed to act like it was a summers day at the beach! And of course they had… Continue reading Joyce & Thomas | {Destination Engagement Photographer}


Annie & Lyndin | {Drayton Valley Engagement Photographer}

This will go down as one of my favourite Engagement sessions! When you can just laugh and have fun during photo’s even when it is cold as death outside, that’s a win! Annie and Lyndin are THAT couple. You know….the one’s you just stop and say, ‘I hope to have that one day’. The way… Continue reading Annie & Lyndin | {Drayton Valley Engagement Photographer}


Nathaniel & Kennedi | {Lethbridge Engagement Photographer} {Park Lake Engagement Session}

These two are married! Figured I should post their engagement session before it’s time to post their actual wedding haha. So I had this vision, I have ALWAYS wanted to do a lake session in the water. I mean how cute is that right!? There is also something so romantic about it as well and… Continue reading Nathaniel & Kennedi | {Lethbridge Engagement Photographer} {Park Lake Engagement Session}


Iohane & Hope | {Lethbridge Engagement Photographer}

As stated on my sneak peak, there is seriously no better way to kick off the summer than by getting engaged to your best friend!! Iohane and Hope are getting hitched!! It’s always THE BEST to see family (Iohane is my cousin) get married! So, Im pretty sure i’ve never photographed a more ‘laughy’ couple… Continue reading Iohane & Hope | {Lethbridge Engagement Photographer}