Joyce & Tom Wedding | {Destination Wedding Photographer}

1 year isn’t that bad at being behind is it…….ok maybe it is. But we’re here together, and this wedding is so fun to look back at and remember!! Joyce and Tom had their wedding at the Museum and there was this stunning garden in the middle of it and a carousel, and vintage cars,… Continue reading Joyce & Tom Wedding | {Destination Wedding Photographer}


Edwards Wedding | {Drayton Valley Wedding Photographer}

Excuse me while I wipe up my drool…. This wedding was one of my favourites! Just a blast from start to finish. So elegant and classy, but with a punch of party! The ceremony was held on their land, and that makes it extra special for Annie and Lyndin. They will be able to lookout… Continue reading Edwards Wedding | {Drayton Valley Wedding Photographer}


Chelsie & Ryan | {Edmonton Engagement Photographer}

My sister Chelsie and her fiance Ryan are up on the blog tonight! Figured I should blog this session before their wedding Photo’s go up ha! These two could never take a bad photo. Dem baby blues and high cheeks bones…..genetic lottery! Its always fun taking photos of my siblings. Documenting their lives through my… Continue reading Chelsie & Ryan | {Edmonton Engagement Photographer}


Carlson Wedding | {Lethbridge Wedding Photographer}

The Carlsons!!! These two lovlies were married in the summer and their wedding took place at the Japanese Gardens in Lethbridge and it was divine! The day was so chill and everyone was there to support one another and simply have a fantastic and memorable day. The beautiful bride looked stunnnnnning and the handsome groom… Continue reading Carlson Wedding | {Lethbridge Wedding Photographer}


Klein Family | {Destination Photographer} {Lethbridge Family Photographer}

We are going wayyyy back in time….like 8 months ago…where my stall of blogging started lol. So once again, playing catch up and i am determined to blog all month and next to update everyone on my work!! I took most of 2018 off for personal family reasons, but I am so excited to get… Continue reading Klein Family | {Destination Photographer} {Lethbridge Family Photographer}


VanNess Family | {Destination Photographer}

Time to play catch up! As you can see, the last time I posted, there were blossoms… there are pumpkins and changing leaves. So get ready for an overload of people’s faces having a good time! Here are the VanNess Family. One of the kindest, most thoughtful people you will ever have the privilege of… Continue reading VanNess Family | {Destination Photographer}


Say Yes to the Dress | {Alberta Wedding photographer}

Wedding season is upon us!! That means a whole new summer full of new couples, new designs, new venues…..and my personal fav….new DRESSES!! And im not sure if this is weird or not, but I have never photographed the same dress twice. Ever. Its been 8 years and countless brides later and I have seen… Continue reading Say Yes to the Dress | {Alberta Wedding photographer}