About Me


Hi there!! I’m Brittany Lowry and I am obsessed with taking pictures. I am 27 years old, a wife to my hottie husband, and mother of a little boy and a baby girl and a baby on the way. I love photography, blogging, fashion, travel, lying on the beach, shopping, crafts, making home video’s, and eating cereal. I love to learn and do new things. I am always searching for inspiration to better myself and to make life more fun!

I first became interested in photography at 19 years old. A friend asked me to photograph her wedding and it just blew up from there. I love it so much! The love I see when I shoot couples is my absolute favourite. Something so powerful as ‘true love’ is amazing to watch, and I have the privilege of capturing those very special moments. I also love watching families coming together to document growth and change to their homes. I believe family photo’s are an extremely important part of documenting our history and the people in it.



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