{Janelle & Reyse | Lethbridge & Area Engagement Photographer}

Oh hey! Remember me?? It’s ok if you don’t, I haven’t been on this blog in a while haha.

I met Janelle and Reyse just a little while ago and was able to take some engagement photo’s for them! These two are so adorable together. And I swear they’ve had modelling training, because they just nailed every shot! Although the weather was super rainy and wet, we were able to work around it. Janelle seriously has the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen and Reyse’ smile is so contagious! They are one amazing couple and I can’t wait for their wedding in August!IMG_1365.3


IMG_1269.3 IMG_1286.3 IMG_1310.3c1IMG_1317.3 IMG_1330.3 IMG_1354.3c2 c3IMG_1416.3c4IMG_1457.3 IMG_1484.3c5IMG_1491.3 IMG_1509.3 IMG_1516.3 IMG_1612.3 IMG_1634.3 IMG_1645.3c6

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