Catrina | {Drayton Valley Senior Photographer}

I have a new love……Greenhouses!

They are so colourful and artsy and I love everything about them! Catrina looked STUNNING on her Grad day. She rocked her dress and she rocked this session! Her dress really popped against all the amazing colours of both outside and the greenhouse. We were only about to shoot outside for a small amount of time before the waterfall of rain came down over us! Im so happy I was able to find an ‘indoor’ place that was still beautiful but still had some natural lighting. Congrats again on the huge accomplishment of graduating Catrina!


IMG_4038.3 IMG_4049.3 IMG_4067.3 IMG_4072.3 IMG_4106.3c1IMG_4139.3 IMG_4143.3 IMG_4157.3 IMG_4163.3c2IMG_4223.3 IMG_4242.3

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