Weston Wedding | {Lethbridge and Area Wedding Photographer}

First of all, I need to apologize for being so late on this post!! My computer decided it needed to be in the shop for a while. OK, so a few weeks ago…ok ok more than a few…I photographed the Weston’s Wedding!! It was just awesome. Whitney was absolutely stunning and Cas was striking. They both brought their ‘A-Game’ for pictures and so did their wedding party! Best bunch ever! The morning actually started out cloudy, so my brain went immediately to thinking I was going to need dark floral leggings and a thick denim top. Mistake. They day actually turned into a scorcher!  And like a newb, I didn’t bring extra clothes. But despite the heat, I was so happy that it wasn’t raining or swarming with mosquito’s!! It was the perfect day. Congrats again to the lucky couple who have started their married lives in Utah!


IMG_1000.3 IMG_1013.3 IMG_1014.3 IMG_1062.3IMG_1062.3 IMG_1071.3 IMG_1079.3 IMG_1087.3 IMG_1091.3 IMG_1144.3c1 c2IMG_1309.3 IMG_1376.3 IMG_1402.3 IMG_1404.3c3IMG_1428.3 IMG_1463.3 IMG_1485.3IMG_1683 IMG_1707.3 IMG_1738.3 IMG_1750.3 IMG_1763.3 IMG_1768.3 IMG_1771.3 IMG_1783.3 IMG_1794.3c4IMG_1821.3c5 c6 c7IMG_1924.3 IMG_1945.3 IMG_2000.3c8IMG_2057.3c9 c10 c11IMG_2089.3 IMG_2096.3

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