Shurtz Family | {Lethbridge and Area Family Photographer}

Families like the Shurtz make my job so much fun! I was a little nervous about photographing quite a large family, but everything went so smoothly! I was especially impressed by all the children! There was no crying and they all took direction very well! Props to the parents for parenting such awesome kids!

There was so much laughter and joking with this family, as you will see in a few of these photo’s. I love the emotion that silliness brings to a photo. It just makes you want to smile!

IMG_0108.3 IMG_0129.3 IMG_0144.3 IMG_0160.3 IMG_0195.3 IMG_0208.3c1 c2 c3IMG_0319.3c4IMG_0371.3 IMG_0419.3c5IMG_0484.3 IMG_0501.3 IMG_0511.3 IMG_0549.3 IMG_0557.3

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