Jordan Zemp | Hawaii Portrait Photographer

So originally we had spoken about doing this session wayyyyy back in July! But with both our schedules it took a while to actually get to do it. And I’m so glad that we were able to!! This was so fun! I’ve never photographed a dancer before so it was really interesting to watch and learn. Jordan is simply a natural. It’s like dance was formed into her bones from birth. I was in AWE at every movement! Jordan is currently at school here in Hawaii at BYUH and she will be graduating along side my husband in April! I’m so glad she wanted to do this shoot with me. So without further delay, here is our session!


c1IMG_4551.3 IMG_4552.3 IMG_4554.3 IMG_4564.3 IMG_4574.3c2IMG_4582.3 IMG_4588.3 IMG_4592.3 IMG_4595.3c3 c4IMG_4609.3 IMG_4621.3 IMG_4627.3 IMG_4628.3IMG_4630.3 IMG_4634.3 IMG_4639.3c5IMG_4662.3 IMG_4665.3 IMG_4679.3c6IMG_4684.3 IMG_4689.3 IMG_4699.3 IMG_4704.3 IMG_4712.3 IMG_4718.3 IMG_4730.3 IMG_4731.3 IMG_4738.3 IMG_4739.3c7IMG_4756.3 IMG_4760.3

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