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Mysha & Eli ~ Bridals | {Waterton Wedding Photographer}

Hey friends! Look who’s on the blog again! Two of my fav people, Mysha and Eli. Mysha and Eli decided they wanted to do some ‘bridals’ up in Waterton on a separate day from their wedding. Which I HIGHLY recommend! No pressure, no time limits, nicer light, ¬†sunset, different styled look from your wedding day,… Continue reading Mysha & Eli ~ Bridals | {Waterton Wedding Photographer}

Just For Fun

Chandelle | {Lethbridge & Area Portrait Photographer}

So, I have a ridiculously talented family. This is Chandelle, and she’s amazing. Obviously. I have always had a fascination with photographing dancers. They are so fun to watch and on the inside I’m screaming with jealousy haha. Watching Chandelle move and twist and jump around was a joy! I’m pretty sure I was gasping… Continue reading Chandelle | {Lethbridge & Area Portrait Photographer}