Caitlin&Alex | {Lethbridge & Area Engagement Photographer}

I can’t even believe it, one of my most awesome friends is getting married so soon!! They are tying the knot in Mexico and I am so happy for them! Even though I won’t be able to make it, I know it will be a very special day. Caitlin and Alex are the couple that… Continue reading Caitlin&Alex | {Lethbridge & Area Engagement Photographer}


Katelyn & Travis | {Lethbridge and Area Engagement Photographer}

Overdue post! Playing catch up once again haha This shoot was done when the colours were just starting to turn into Fall!! My fav Photography season! I could literally die over all these delicious colours! But enough about the scenery, because I want to talk about Katelyn and Travis! These two were simply awesome. In… Continue reading Katelyn & Travis | {Lethbridge and Area Engagement Photographer}


{Janelle & Reyse | Lethbridge & Area Engagement Photographer}

Oh hey! Remember me?? It’s ok if you don’t, I haven’t been on this blog in a while haha. I met Janelle and Reyse just a little while ago and was able to take some engagement photo’s for them! These two are so adorable together. And I swear they’ve had modelling training, because they just… Continue reading {Janelle & Reyse | Lethbridge & Area Engagement Photographer}

Engagement/Couples · Portrait

Ruiz Stylized | {Lethbridge and Area Couples Photographer}

Ok, I’ve been so bad at blogging my sessions these past few months! So I apologize. So this session has been one of my absolute favourites! And you are about to see why. Everything was stunning. And when I say ‘everything’…..i mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. I asked Kristen and her Husband Jon if they wouldn’t mind modelling… Continue reading Ruiz Stylized | {Lethbridge and Area Couples Photographer}