Chelsie & Ryan – A Surprise Engagement | {Drayton Valley Engagement Photographer}

Ok, so this session was a very very special one! This is my sister Chelsie and her, now, fiance Ryan. They asked me to do some photos of them since they dont have nice ones together. I was all onboard! Right in the middle of the shoot, Ryan tells us that he needs to get… Continue reading Chelsie & Ryan – A Surprise Engagement | {Drayton Valley Engagement Photographer}


Joyce & Thomas | {Destination Engagement Photographer}

OK, these two were breaking all kinds of cuteness charts. It was super snowy that day, but sometimes that can be kind of romantic, no? I think so. Even though we were freezing our butts off, these guys managed to act like it was a summers day at the beach! And of course they had… Continue reading Joyce & Thomas | {Destination Engagement Photographer}


Annie & Lyndin | {Drayton Valley Engagement Photographer}

This will go down as one of my favourite Engagement sessions! When you can just laugh and have fun during photo’s even when it is cold as death outside, that’s a win! Annie and Lyndin are THAT couple. You know….the one’s you just stop and say, ‘I hope to have that one day’. The way… Continue reading Annie & Lyndin | {Drayton Valley Engagement Photographer}


Nathaniel & Kennedi Part 2, First Look | {Lethbridge Wedding Photographer}

Nathaniel and Kennedi decided to do a ‘first look’ photoshoot before their wedding and it was so beautiful! Watching the groom see his bride for the first time is truly something special to capture. These 2 REALLY love each other and I am so happy for them! Our location was the Norland just outside of… Continue reading Nathaniel & Kennedi Part 2, First Look | {Lethbridge Wedding Photographer}


Nathaniel & Kennedi Wedding | {Cardston Wedding Photographer}

I love family weddings!!! Nathaniel and Kennedi were married not too long ago and the day was absolutely beautiful. The love they have for each other is undeniable and perfect. Nathaniel looked as handsome as ever. He’s a guy that truly knows how to rock a suit. And Kennedi, well dang girl, you are a… Continue reading Nathaniel & Kennedi Wedding | {Cardston Wedding Photographer}


Fredriksen Family | {Edmonton Family Photographer}

Let’s go back to Fall shall we? Because that’s how behind I am at blogging haha If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that this family is photographed by me annually! It is so fun to see each family session differ from the last year. New look, new babies, new season,… Continue reading Fredriksen Family | {Edmonton Family Photographer}


Fald Wedding | {Drayton Valley Wedding Photographer}

You guys, this wedding was an absolute FAIRYTALE. I mean, the photo’s will speak for themselves. Lucy & Kyle had a wedding that will be remembered by many! The flowers, the dress, the suit, the bridal party, her shoes, his socks…..I could honestly go on and on. I loved every detail of their wedding. Not… Continue reading Fald Wedding | {Drayton Valley Wedding Photographer}


Jones Wedding | {Drayton Valley Wedding Photographer}

I’m not the only married one in my family now! My sister Rebecca married Anthony this past August (yes, once again a late post) and it was a very special day! The Sealing happened in Calgary then had the ring ceremony and reception back up in Drayton Valley. They had an outdoor reception with lights,… Continue reading Jones Wedding | {Drayton Valley Wedding Photographer}


Nathaniel & Kennedi | {Lethbridge Engagement Photographer} {Park Lake Engagement Session}

These two are married! Figured I should post their engagement session before it’s time to post their actual wedding haha. So I had this vision, I have ALWAYS wanted to do a lake session in the water. I mean how cute is that right!? There is also something so romantic about it as well and… Continue reading Nathaniel & Kennedi | {Lethbridge Engagement Photographer} {Park Lake Engagement Session}


Valcourt Wedding | {Waterton Wedding Photographer}

You guys, my heart has so many emotions when it comes to posting this wedding. 1) These two are sweet, beautiful, and the most caring individuals ever. Their wedding was so beautiful and romantic and full of Love. I may or may not have shed a few tears just listening to their vows and watching… Continue reading Valcourt Wedding | {Waterton Wedding Photographer}