Annie & Lyndin | {Drayton Valley Engagement Photographer}

This will go down as one of my favourite Engagement sessions!

When you can just laugh and have fun during photo’s even when it is cold as death outside, that’s a win! Annie and Lyndin are THAT couple. You know….the one’s you just stop and say, ‘I hope to have that one day’. The way they look at each other is seriously the cutest thing ever and they made my job super easy!

And when I asked them to try something……there was no hesitation!
“Hey roll around in the snow” “Maybe just shake that tree and let the snow fall on you” “Hey lets tread through this deep snow field to get to this spot” “Throw that snow in his face” “sit on the cold ground”
Yup, they did all of these things hahah. Anything for a good shot, right? 😉

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