Lybbert Wedding | {Calgary Wedding Photographer}

The Wedding of the Year.

This is Sydney and Brendon. Two of the most amazing individuals this Earth has ever had the privilege of having. Their relationship started in High School as friendship, 10 years ago, which then turned into Love. I witnessed their little flirtations from the very beginning and I finally got to see that Love become Sealed this past September. Truly…Truly….a match made in Heaven. I got to be there every step of the way for one of my best friends on one of the biggest days of her life. Thats pretty special you guys.

During the Marriage Ceremony Brendon said ‘Yes’ 2 times before it was time and it was the cutest thing ever. The excitement to finally be married to your best friend is pretty crazy and hard to contain! I love you guys and can’t wait for some double dates and couples cruises in the future! xoxo


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