Moore Wedding |{Red Deer Wedding Photographer}

It is so fun to see the people you went to school with get married! Let alone photograph their big day! Alisa & Tyler are pretty much the cutest couple ever. No joke. Alisa’s smile is sooooo contagious and will immediately light up a room. Tyler is a serious stud and is genuinely one of the nicest human beings I’ve ever met. And can we talk about Alisa’s hair colour with her wedding dress!???? Holy amazing. POP! Love me some red hair guuurrrl. Love these two, and loved their wedding day!

This wedding was back in August (yes we all know I don’t blog on time. Get over it 😉 ), and it was a scorcher!!! But, the scenery, the blue sky, the lush trees…..were awesome! It makes me so excited for my weddings coming this summer.


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