Klein Wedding | {Southern Alberta Wedding Photographer} {Cardston Wedding Photographer}

I have a new Brother!…..well like, 4 months ago, but that’s besides the point. Mysha and Eli got Married!! This was such a fun day and I got spend all of it with one of my best friends, Miss Mysha. Being next to someone you love on one of the best days of their life is pretty special. From start to finish this day was perfection. Which is what a wedding day should be right!?

I die over her dress, his suit, the flowers, the bridesmaid dresses, her accessories…..ya basically all of it. Their love and giggles were so contagious! And those blossoms!!!! Like are you kidding me!? We got them just in time. These two truly just are the luckiest! Love you guys! Also I miss you, so come visit me. K cool.



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