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Mani Maternity :: Part 1&2 | {Stony Plain Maternity Photographer}

So this post is a little late haha. Seeing as how Mani’s baby is almost 3 months old. Whoops!

But anywho……these were taken just 2-3 days before little Quincy was born. And doesn’t Mani look smashing!!?? Motherhood never looked so good. Honestly she needs to be in any Mommy/Baby Bump magazine there is. Simply glowing!!

We got a call on Sunday from Soren saying how Mani thinks she is going to have this baby any day, and since I was really hoping to do some Maternity shots, plus shoot her birth, we rushed on up to Stony Plain for the big event!! Ps: Stay tuned for Quincy’s little session too 😉

The little stinker took 4 days to come, but thats ok. It gave me more time for Maternity shots and to have them all done before actually giving birth.

Mani really wanted to do an indoor Maternity session as well as an outside, so that is why I am meshing both sessions into one post. I love the feel of both! Im not usually an indoor photographer, but with the right lighting, I can make it work! She had such a cute vision for these first ones and I love how they turned out. So timeless and effortless.


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