Nadia&Peter | {Lethbridge & Area Wedding Photographer}

Remember how awesome Fall was!???

Well if you don’t, then you can remember it all over again with these pictures!! Colours in Fall plus that pretty sunlight is so beyond gorgeous. I hate that Fall is over so quickly! But I was so happy when this stunning couple told me their wedding was right in the middle of Fall. So stoked! Best photography season to photograph ever!! It was the most beautiful day full of loving words, big laughs, and perfect memories.


c1IMG_8789.1 IMG_8822 IMG_8827.1 IMG_8842c2 c3 c4IMG_8883.1 IMG_8965 IMG_8992 IMG_9044.1c5IMG_9049 IMG_9075.1 IMG_9094.1 IMG_9112c6 c7 c8 c9IMG_9172 IMG_9376.1 IMG_9386 IMG_9433c10IMG_9471.1 IMG_9552 IMG_9563 IMG_9603 IMG_9620 IMG_9648c11IMG_9696 IMG_9703.1 IMG_9714 IMG_9730 IMG_9732 IMG_9754c12 c13IMG_9793.1 IMG_9804 IMG_9808 IMG_9811 IMG_9815 IMG_9824

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