Josh & Megan | {Waterton Engagement Photographer}

Introducing Josh and Megan!

Gah!!! I just love these two love birds. Their relationship is so inspiring and so full of laughter. Its my fav! Josh is actually a cousin of mine. His heart is so full of Gold it’s ridiculous. I first met Megan when she came to Canada (she is from Kona, Hawaii – Which is where the wedding is happening! EEEk!) and I knew immediately that I loved her.

The day we took these photo’s…..man…..the WIND!!!!! We almost blew over! I feel like anytime Megan comes to Canada, it is a crazy wind storm. I promise it’s not always like this! But hey, they worked that wind like no other. Props guys.

These two are perfect in every single way you can think of. I am so happy for you two and I can’t wait for the Big day!


c1IMG_7670 IMG_7677 IMG_7680 IMG_7683 IMG_7690 IMG_7772 IMG_7783 IMG_7808c2 c3IMG_7853 IMG_7867 IMG_7876.1 IMG_7892 IMG_7901 IMG_7936 IMG_7951c4 c5IMG_8003 IMG_8016 IMG_8073 IMG_8152 IMG_8193 IMG_8197c6IMG_8232 IMG_8245 IMG_8250c7 c8IMG_8262.1 IMG_8269

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