Caitlin&Alex | {Lethbridge & Area Engagement Photographer}

I can’t even believe it, one of my most awesome friends is getting married so soon!! They are tying the knot in Mexico and I am so happy for them! Even though I won’t be able to make it, I know it will be a very special day.
Caitlin and Alex are the couple that everyone should strive to be like. So kind and loving. And always laughing with each other! I first met Alex on my wedding day when Caitlin brought him as her date and I knew immediately that I liked him and I wished with all my heart that their relationship would work out. And it did!! So cheers to one of the best and hottest couples around!

PS – please ignore the low quality of the photos. For some reason my website lowered the Quality in order to ‘fit’ them to the right size. Still working on this little glitch. I promise they are super clear and high quality in real life ha 🙂

c1IMG_6852 IMG_6879 IMG_6886 IMG_6894 IMG_6904 IMG_6918 IMG_6926.1c2IMG_6940 IMG_6946 IMG_6981 IMG_6992 IMG_7006 IMG_7021c3IMG_7034 IMG_7043 IMG_7052 IMG_7062 IMG_7097 IMG_7134 IMG_7159.1 IMG_7189.1 IMG_7196 IMG_7239.1 IMG_7263.1c4

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