Jaster Wedding | {Lethbridge and Area Wedding Photographer}

You know what’s frustrating??? Having a broken computer plus a broken website. I have been dying to post this wedding for sooooo long!!!! Like MONTHS! But I am so happy I’m finally able to get back around to blogging again on my NEW COMPUTER! Yes!

So, I have something to say about Janelle and Reyse. I have never met a more loving, more caring, beautiful, fun, and genuine people in my entire life! And on top of their awesome personalities and model good looks, they have some major skills. Janelle decorated and created almost everything about this wedding! Why couldn’t I have known her when I was planning my wedding!? Am-I-right Ladies!! Absolutely stunning!!!

Honestly everything about this wedding was beyond magical. I was so thrilled to have captured such an important and beautiful day.


IMG_2224c1 c2 c3 c4IMG_2265 IMG_2291 IMG_2311.1 IMG_2325c5 c6IMG_2330 IMG_2356.1 IMG_2373 IMG_2381.1 IMG_2390c7IMG_2391 IMG_2399 IMG_2420c8 c9IMG_2468.1 IMG_2637 IMG_2655 IMG_2661.1 IMG_2678c10 c11IMG_2690.1 IMG_2716.1IMG_2719 IMG_2724.1 IMG_2731 IMG_2749.1 IMG_2752 IMG_2799.1 IMG_2817c12 c13IMG_2867.1 IMG_2873 IMG_2880 IMG_2898.1 IMG_2904 IMG_2917.1 IMG_2925.1 IMG_2933c14IMG_2974 IMG_2993.1 IMG_2999 IMG_3040.1 IMG_3057.1 IMG_3061.1 IMG_3080 IMG_3094c15 c16IMG_3121 IMG_3137.1 IMG_3167.1c17 c18 c19IMG_3217.1 IMG_3234 IMG_3240c20IMG_3271 IMG_3291 IMG_3293c21 c22 c23IMG_3307 IMG_3340 IMG_3353 IMG_3389c24IMG_3426 IMG_3437 IMG_3463.1c25IMG_3490

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