Lauren ~ Yoga Instructor, Health & Lifestyle Coach | {Lethbridge and Area Portrait Photographer}

Throughout my life, I have seen people do Yoga. I was very into sports growing up, and I loved a good burn when I needed a good work out. And seeing what Yoga looked like, it didn’t really seem like such a good work out. Ya…..I was wrong. Have you ever tried Yoga??? It’s dang hard. It is an amazing workout and makes you feel like a superwoman afterword (or superman 😉 )

But as you can see in these pictures below, Lauren makes it look so easy and seamless! She is a pro! My jaw was dropping at every pose she did. It’s kind of amazing to watch. Lauren is a Health and lifestyle coach and certified Yoga Instructor. She clearly works hard at what she does and she is rocking it!! And on top of all that Talent…..she is drop dead gorgeous!

c1IMG_0129 IMG_0136.1 IMG_0186c2 c3IMG_0250 IMG_0282 IMG_0331 IMG_0339c4 c5IMG_0351 IMG_0370 IMG_0384 IMG_0397 IMG_0420 IMG_0423c6 c7IMG_0510c8

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