Marla&Luc Gibson | {Lethbridge & Area Wedding Photographer}

If I were to make a list of all the beautiful and fun things about this day, you would be reading this post all day long. I love love loved this wedding!! Marla and Luc have two of the kindest and most loving hearts I have ever seen. Their love can fill a room! And seriously…how striking do they look!? Marla looked FLAWLESS and Luc is such a STUD!

One thing that I love is a huge wedding party! It just seems like it’s a party all day long! Such a fun group! Their wedding took place in July, so of course it was a beautiful summers day. Everything is green and fresh and colourful! Perfect day for a perfect couple 🙂


c1 c2IMG_7855.3 IMG_7875.3 IMG_7888.3 IMG_7891.3 IMG_7902.3c3 c4 c5IMG_7904.3 IMG_7914.3 IMG_7929.3 IMG_7970.3c6IMG_8028.3 IMG_8068.3IMG_8132.3 IMG_8160.3 IMG_8163.3 IMG_8199.3c7IMG_8244.3 IMG_8265.3IMG_8364.3 IMG_8375.3 IMG_8387.3c8c9 c10IMG_8458.3 IMG_8462.3 IMG_8464.3 IMG_8492.3 IMG_8499.3 IMG_8552.3 IMG_8565.3 IMG_8629.3c11IMG_8645.3c12 c13IMG_8670.3c14 c15IMG_8723.3 IMG_8739.3 IMG_8765.3 IMG_8815.3c16 c17 c18IMG_8911.3 IMG_9003.3

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