Nadia&Peter | {Lethbridge & Area Engagement Photographer}

Photographing couples is my absolute favourite! To see two people love each other so much and to catch those moments in a photo is so amazing! Nadia and Peter have so much love for one another. They are so cute and you can just tell that they know how to have fun. They are the perfect match and I am so excited for their wedding in the fall!! I LOVE Fall wedding! It’s my favourite season to photograph in. Can’t wait!


c1IMG_1977 IMG_2036.1c2IMG_2043.1 IMG_2085 IMG_2095.1 IMG_2105 IMG_2110.1 IMG_2131 IMG_2144c3IMG_2192c4IMG_2234.1 IMG_2255 IMG_2266.1 IMG_2281 IMG_2289.1c5IMG_2302c6 c7IMG_2357

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