Fredriksen Family | {Stony Plain Family Photographer}

I just love photographing this family!! I’ve been fortunate enough to take their annual family photo’s and I just love watching them grow! I can’t believe Soren and Mani have 3 kids now. 3 ADORABLE kids! Our kids are very close in age and I hope they will grow to be great friends. I’m sad we live so far away from them, but I still feel like we get to see each other often enough and are able to have some awesome adventures.


c1IMG_3396.3 IMG_3426.3c2IMG_3477.3 IMG_3511.3c3 c4IMG_3529.3 IMG_3549.3 IMG_3679.3 IMG_3684.3 IMG_3697.3c5IMG_3726.3 IMG_3757.3 IMG_3788.3 IMG_3803.3c6 c7c7IMG_3842.3 IMG_3852.3 IMG_3875.3 IMG_3917.3 IMG_3933.3 IMG_3956.3 IMG_3961.3 IMG_3965.3 IMG_3969.3 IMG_3978.3 IMG_3983.3 IMG_3987.3 IMG_3994.3c8

2 thoughts on “Fredriksen Family | {Stony Plain Family Photographer}

  1. You are the MASTER OF LIGHT!! I just can’t get over how dreamy all your pictures look. I swear you have magical light controlling powers. What a good looking family!!


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