Ursaki Family | {Lethbridge and Area Family Portrait Photographer}

Ok, I’m just going to start this post by saying…..I think this family belongs in a magazine. Seriously. These are some dang good looking people!! Stunning! The Ursaki Family came to Alberta to visit the rest of their family and they jumped at the opportunity to do some Family Pictures! These actually happen to be their VERY FIRST family photo’s! Which I think is a very exciting thing 🙂


IMG_4563.3 IMG_4564.3IMG_4398.3c1IMG_4463.3c2IMG_4496.3c3 c4IMG_4505.3c5IMG_4576.3 IMG_4600.3 IMG_4615.3 IMG_4633.3 IMG_4646.3 IMG_4647.3c6 c7IMG_4691.3 IMG_4695.3

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