Ylanna & Dan | {Lethbridge & Area Engagement Photographer}

Ylanna and Dan! Oh how I love these two together. Pure perfection. They are getting married this June and I seriously can’t wait! Dan is one amazing man and Im so happy they found each other. I’ve known Dan since before I even met the Lowry family! They are two of the most genuine and loving people I know. Love you both!

Like I’ve said in previous posts, the winter weather this year is crazy. Crazy BEAUTIFUL! I hate the cold. Hate it. And for almost every single winter session I’ve had so far, the weather has been better than I could have predicted. Usually we would be up to our knees in snow, so we are seriously lucking out this year. I always feel so sorry for my clients in the winter. Because who wants to wear a frumpy big winter coat for pictures??? No one thats who, so my clients are always cold. But not this year!! Well….not AS cold 😉

c1IMG_5597.3 IMG_5622.3c2IMG_5671.3c3IMG_5734.3 IMG_5744.3c4IMG_5764.3 IMG_5767.3c5IMG_5775.3 IMG_5787.3 IMG_5792.3 IMG_5800.3c6IMG_5819.3 IMG_5821.3c7IMG_5827.3c8IMG_5842.3

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