Jesse & Hannah Part II | {Utah Destination Wedding Photographer}

Part II of Jesse and Hannah’s wedding is finally up!! Wahoo! So this is the actual day of their wedding. And you might not see it, but there was a HUGE wind storm during all of this! You couldn’t even see past the hill of the Temple is was so crazy. We basically had to stay on one side of the building so we didn’t get blown away!

We were so lucky to be able to go down to Utah for J&H’s wedding. I love weddings! Especially when it’s a sibling! Hannah looked absolutely radiant and Jesse was rocking that Man bun, as usual. Now if only my husbands hair would grow faster so he could be part of the man bun group…*sigh*. The wedding party was so fun to shoot. Always laughing and just having a good time. Which is what weddings should be all about! No stress no mess, just smiles and great memories. I am grateful to have been able to be a part of their wedding and I can’t wait to another sibling wedding this summer! ahhhhh!


c1IMG_1778.3 IMG_1782.3 IMG_1806.3 IMG_1813.3 IMG_1842.3 IMG_1852.3c2IMG_1880.3 IMG_1901.3 IMG_1912.3c3IMG_1927.3 IMG_1941.3 IMG_1977.3 IMG_1993.3 IMG_2020.3 IMG_2028.3 IMG_2071.3 IMG_2091.3 IMG_2108.3 IMG_2117.3 IMG_2143.3 IMG_2171.3 IMG_2202.3 IMG_2266.3 IMG_2273.3c4IMG_2305.3 IMG_2313.3 IMG_2347.3c5IMG_2354.3 IMG_2438.3c6 c7 c8IMG_2457.3 IMG_2464.3c9

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