Jesse & Hannah First Look | {Provo Wedding Photographer}

Jesse and Hannah are Hitched!! Well…..they tied the knot a few months ago, but Im still playing catch-up with blogging my sessions.

For those of who don’t know, Jesse is my Brother in Law and he met his absolutely wonderful wife Hannah down in Utah. I first met Hannah when she came up for our Lowry Family Reunion and I knew she belonged in this family as soon as she jumped off Kimball River Cliff, which if you don’t know is about 40 ft high. Which in my opinion is ridiculously high! Lowry’s are known for their adventurous nature and she fit right in! I am so happy to call her family!

These two love birds did a ‘First Look’ session a few days before the wedding and it was stunning! We shot in a gorgeous Orchard and ended at an old theatre that was surrounded with stone.  Utah may be the most beautiful place to take pictures. It was stunning. And it was still Fall there! My favourite time of year to shoot!!


IMG_1240.3c1IMG_1299.3 IMG_1322.3 IMG_1324.3 IMG_1344.3c2IMG_1357.3 IMG_1387.3 IMG_1398.3c3IMG_1431.3 IMG_1434.3 IMG_1444.3c4IMG_1448.3 IMG_1491.3 IMG_1511.3 IMG_1519.3c5IMG_1546.3 IMG_1583.3c6

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