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Ruiz Stylized | {Lethbridge and Area Couples Photographer}

Ok, I’ve been so bad at blogging my sessions these past few months! So I apologize. So this session has been one of my absolute favourites! And you are about to see why. Everything was stunning. And when I say ‘everything’…..i mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. I asked Kristen and her Husband Jon if they wouldn’t mind modelling for me and they said yes with great enthusiasm, so I was stoked!! I couldn’t have picked a better couple. I mean seriously. How freaking gorgeous are they??? Kristen is such a natural at looking fierce and Jon is eye candy! And can you believe she had a 3 month old baby at this time??? Ya she’s amazing.

Also, can we talk about that juicy juicy light!!! It’s my favourite time of day to shoot! It brings such a romantic and lovely feel to the pictures. Recently I’ve been getting pretty crafty and I made the flower head piece for this shoot! Im pretty impressed with myself. I also had my cousin Melissa Lowry help me out with make up and it looked just how I envisioned it! I love good Berry Lip 😉


c1IMG_0314.3 IMG_0318.3 IMG_0336.3c2c3 c4IMG_0374.3 IMG_0384.3c5IMG_0412.3 IMG_0419.3 IMG_0426.3 IMG_0436.3 IMG_0440.3c6IMG_0463.3 IMG_0499.3c7IMG_0387.3IMG_0503.3 IMG_0523.3 IMG_0531.3 IMG_0547.3 IMG_0553.3 IMG_0557.3 IMG_0570.3 IMG_0572.3 IMG_0575.3c8IMG_0582.3 IMG_0607.3 IMG_0615.3c9IMG_0630.3 IMG_0635.3 IMG_0650.3

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