Marla & Luc | {Lethbridge Engagement Photographer}

Hi everyone! Meet Marla and Luc! They are ridiculously adorable. These two are tying the knot next summer and I can’t wait! This session was an interesting one, weather wise. Can you believe that it was POURING RAIN just minutes before these were taken?? Ya I thought we were going to have to cancel or do the shoot indoors somewhere. I was so disappointed. But we just waited 10 min in the car and it just magically cleared up! AND the sun decided to join us near the end of the evening so everything worked out perfectly!

Could you die over these rich Autumn colours?? Because I can. I want it to be Autumn for at least 2 more months out of the year! But then I remember that I live in Canada again and that will never happen lol 😉


c1IMG_0703.3 IMG_0722.3IMG_0760.3 IMG_0804.3 IMG_0813.3c2IMG_0821.3 IMG_0862.3c3IMG_0987.3 IMG_1017.3c4IMG_1028.3





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