The Maclean Family | {Lethbridge and Area Family Photographer}

OK, so we FINALLY did our Mothers Day Giveaway and I’m FINALLY getting caught up and posting it! Nicole Maclean was our winner and for her session she wanted to turn it into a family session. Which is fine by me because, seriously, how good looking are they!??? Nicole is one of my best friends here in Lethbridge. She was one of my Bridesmaids, we were married just a few months apart, and we have 2 kids that are the same age. I am so happy I was able to do this shoot for them before the BEAUTIFUL Fall weather left us! We also brought on a seriously talented Hair Stylist, Amie Mendenhall and a Stunning Make-up Artist Janessa Hendry! (see below for their info).

Hair: Amie Mendenhall :: ::

Make-up: Janessa Hendry ::

c1IMG_8939.3 IMG_8981.3 IMG_9019.3 IMG_9024.3c2IMG_9042.3 IMG_9050.3c3 c4IMG_9076.3c5IMG_9137.3 IMG_9153.3 IMG_9161.3c6 c7c8IMG_9260.3 IMG_9289.3c9 c10IMG_9321.3 IMG_9332.3c11IMG_9473.3 IMG_9478.3 IMG_9502.3 IMG_9504.3

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