Little Ellie Rue | {Lethbridge and Area Newborn Photographer}

Look who came to visit!!? Ellie Rue was born in early June and I was lucky enough to see her at a young enough stage to take some pretty pictures! Mani and Soren have been our friends since forever (well more my husband than me…I married into this amazing friendship lol). And the best part is that out little girls are only 2 weeks apart!! They are going to grow up to be the best of friends!…well hopefully 😉

Ellie was about 2.5 weeks old in these pictures, which I know is a little old for newborns, but she did amazing! She slept like a champ and even let us move her around a bit. She is such an adorable little angel! Congrats again to Mani, Soren and their 2 little boys Asher and Oliver!


IMG_0715.3c1IMG_0724.3 IMG_0731.3 IMG_0733.3 IMG_0736.3 IMG_0740.3c2IMG_0778.3c3

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