Allison & James {Hawaii Couple’s Photographer}

There are so many awesome things I could say about Allison and James! These two are simply lovely! They were our neighbours in Hawaii and they are such a blast to hang out with. These two have been married for almost 3 years and I love the relationship they have. Their love fills a room and their smiles are extremely contagious! This session was so fun. We went to several locations and had amazing sunlight. They made by job so easy by just being themselves and having fun with it.

IMG_8936.3 IMG_8947.3 IMG_8961.3 IMG_8985.3c1IMG_9024.3IMG_9058.3 IMG_9071.3c2IMG_9095.3 IMG_9104.3c3IMG_9133.3 IMG_9143.3 IMG_9148.3c4IMG_9159.3 IMG_9173.3 IMG_9178.3 IMG_9184.3c5IMG_9193.3 IMG_9212.3 IMG_9218.3c6

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