Felicia&Mike {Stylized Hawaii Wedding Photographer}

*Warning, this post is super long!!*

I met Felicia and Mike at church and I knew right away that I wanted them for this Stylized Shoot!  I was craving a Bride and Groom shoot right before we left Hawaii and I am so happy I decided to do it! I absolutely loved doing this shoot! The light, the dress, the couple, the scenery!! Oh my goodness there is so much beauty in Hawaii and I already miss it so much!

Ok so for this shoot, I brought on a make-up artist and a hair stylist to make it even more fabulous. I loved the outcome of both looks! These 2 ladies are seriously talented! If you need more information on how to get ahold of them feel free to ask! So with no further delay, enjoy these fabulous pictures!

Models :: Felicia and Mike Land

Hair :: Courtney Lauritzen with

Make-Up :: Celeste Guerrero with Josycel MK (

Photography :: Brittany Lowry Photography

Location :: North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii


c1IMG_8423.3 IMG_8428.3 IMG_8429.3c2IMG_8456.3 IMG_8466.3 IMG_8488.3c3 c4IMG_8522.3 IMG_8531.3c5IMG_8552.3 IMG_8567.3c6 c7IMG_8589.3c8IMG_8599.3 IMG_8604.3c9IMG_8646.3 IMG_8660.3 IMG_8663.3c10IMG_8711.3 IMG_8734.3 IMG_8736.3 IMG_8745.3c11IMG_8747.3IMG_8759.3 IMG_8768.3 IMG_8770.3 IMG_8785.3 IMG_8788.3 c12 c13IMG_8808.3 IMG_8822.3 IMG_8834.3 IMG_8844.3c14IMG_8852.3 IMG_8864.3 IMG_8874.3 IMG_8889.3c15IMG_8912.3 IMG_8920.3c16

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