Vanessa & Josiah {Hawaii Wedding Photographer}

First thing I will say about this post is that Im sorry it’s so over due and so looong! But who doesn’t love seeing more pictures. Lets be honest.

So in january I was very privileged to photograph Vanessa and Josiah’s wedding! The whole day was so romantic and full of laughter. They have such a unique and chic style and I loved it! Her dress was even hand made by her talented mother! In Hawaii, January is rainy season, so I was so worried that we just get poured on! But we lucked out because It was hot and sunny!

c8IMG_7125.3 IMG_7155.3 IMG_7169.3 IMG_7187.3 IMG_7204.3c6 c7c9c10 c11IMG_7557.3 IMG_7566.3 IMG_7585.3 IMG_7617.3 IMG_7646.3c12 c13 c14 c15 c16IMG_7738.3 IMG_7741.3 IMG_7774.3 IMG_7779.3 IMG_7791.3 IMG_7794.3 IMG_7804.3 IMG_7809.3 IMG_7811.3 IMG_7830.3 IMG_7857.3 IMG_7865.3 IMG_7885.3 IMG_7910.3 IMG_7911.3 IMG_7916.3 IMG_7924.3c17 c18c1IMG_6781.3 IMG_6786.3 IMG_6788.3 IMG_6790.3c2 c3IMG_6800.3 IMG_6813.3 IMG_6816.3 IMG_6826.3 IMG_6831.3c4IMG_6863.3 IMG_6906.3 IMG_6922.3c5IMG_6944.3 IMG_6955.3 IMG_6958.3 IMG_6970.3 IMG_6972.3 IMG_7026.3 IMG_7062.3 IMG_7081.3c19IMG_8024.3IMG_7990.3 IMG_8004.3IMG_8119.3 IMG_8145.3 IMG_8158.3 IMG_8167.3 IMG_8185.3

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