Payne Family {Hawaii family Photographer}

This lovely family came to Hawaii from Southern Alberta Canada for a holiday and to escape the deadly cold!! And I mean DEADLY! This was there last chance to get some family photo’s done before their beautiful daughter heads off for her mission for the LDS church! The Payne Family was so fun to work with. We just had a blast going from location to location and enjoying the beautiful whether and lovely scenery. I shouldn’t even say ‘work’ because this session was so easy! They were all smiles all the time and just having fun making some memories. All of them were naturals at posing and they looked simply fabulous.

c2 c3 c4 c5IMG_6203IMG_6058IMG_6064IMG_6082IMG_6086IMG_6098c1IMG_6150IMG_6313 IMG_6333 IMG_6341 IMG_6369IMG_6370 IMG_6420 IMG_6426 IMG_6431c6IMG_6432 IMG_6440 IMG_6443 IMG_6450 IMG_6501 IMG_6514 IMG_6532

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