Part I : Emily & Joe | Hawaii Stylized Wedding Photographer

The reason I say Part I is because we actually ran out of light at the end of this shoot! So be prepared for another post on a gorgeous beach!

Ok so this shoot was another super fun Stylized Photo Shoot. It was a blast! I brought in a fantastic make0up artist, Celeste, and she did an amazing job! I HIGHLY recommend her.

In Hawaii there is this really old building that I am in love with! We did most of this shoot there and to me it looks so victorian and romantic, which are two of my favourite things when shooting couples. And can we mention how simply stunning my Models are!!??? Emily and Joe were fantastic to work with! They both brought the romance, Sass, Fierceness, and Sensuality to the shoot. I barely had to do anything they were just so natural!

PS, again Im sorry for the out of order pictures! Im still working on getting that fixed.

Models: Emily&Joe Bennion

Make-up : Josycel MK

Photography and Styling: Brittany Lowry

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

IMG_4139 2IMG_4152_2c14c12IMG_4106 IMG_4130_2c13c3IMG_4077 IMG_4085_2IMG_4090 IMG_4097 IMG_4101c9IMG_4025 IMG_4037 2IMG_4041 2 IMG_4046 2c10IMG_4054c11IMG_4062 2c2IMG_4070 IMG_4074 2c8IMG_3994 2 IMG_4006IMG_4012 IMG_4016IMG_3955IMG_3965 IMG_3972c7IMG_3976 2 IMG_3987c5 c6IMG_3911c1IMG_3932.3c4IMG_3939 IMG_3947

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