Melissa & Mike | Fort Saskatchewan Wedding Photographer

Melissa and Mike are two of the sweetest I’ve ever met. I’m not going to lie, I totally teared up during the ceremony! It was so beautiful and sincere and I am so happy that they, and they’re 3 beautiful children, were able to come together with so much love and compassion.

The day was perfect in every way. The weather, the family, the friends, the guests, the decorations….just everything. Melissa looked STUNNING in her gorgeous dress and Mike was very HANDSOME! They were so much fun to shoot and they made my job seem like a breeze! Congrats to the very lucky couple and they’re new life together. ❤

PS. Sorry the pictures are out of order. My blog is acting weird!

IMG_3740.3IMG_3741.3 IMG_3743.3c15IMG_3717.3 IMG_3718.3 IMG_3722.3c16IMG_3736.3 IMG_3738.3IMG_3663.3IMG_3671.3 IMG_3672.3c13IMG_3676.3 IMG_3678.3IMG_3683.3c14IMG_3706.3IMG_3656.3c12c1 c2 c3c4IMG_3433.3c5 c6 c7c8IMG_3531.3 IMG_3615.3 IMG_3618.3c9IMG_3636.3 IMG_3638.3 IMG_3641.3c10IMG_3647.3 IMG_3650.3c11

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