Sisterly Love | Drayton Valley Portrait Photographer

I’m just going to start out by saying how much I LOVED doing this photoshoot! It was so fun to be on the other side of my camera for once haha. We brought my lovely Mom out to take our photo’s ( I shot my sister’s individuals) and she did such a great job! This is by far my favourite kind of light. But it’s tough because you only have it for a maximum of 30 minutes, IF there are no clouds. It was cloudy that night so we basically took all of the self portraits in like 10 minutes. But all in all it was just a fun little shoot 🙂

c3IMG_3337 IMG_3339

IMG_3339IMG_3328 IMG_3330c2IMG_3293 IMG_3297IMG_3301 IMG_3315c4IMG_3349 IMG_3352IMG_3356 IMG_3368IMG_3369 IMG_3370IMG_3372 IMG_3376IMG_3220 IMG_3237IMG_3250 IMG_3260IMG_3261 IMG_3262c1IMG_3264 IMG_3266IMG_3276 IMG_3283IMG_3214IMG_3206IMG_3124.1 IMG_3130.1IMG_3141 IMG_3142IMG_3156 IMG_3163IMG_3168 IMG_3187IMG_3200IMG_3075IMG_3077.1IMG_3080 IMG_3085IMG_3091 IMG_3099IMG_3101.1IMG_3068IMG_3072

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