The Fredriksen Family | Raymond Family Photographer

Soren and Mani have been close friends of ours for years! But more so with my husband Maikal. We LOVE hanging out with them and their beautiful kids! I was so happy to be able to do some family pictures for them. I love all the images. They were so fun to shoot, even tho Asher was being a little stinker for a few shots haha. That’s why you bring smarties to bribe the children to smile right!?? Anyways, this is probably one of my favourites shoots that I’ve done! The light was so beautiful and romantic. The canola field was soooo stunning and those front steps!! They are my new favourite spot!


IMG_1735 IMG_1737IMG_1741IMG_1733IMG_1630 IMG_1635IMG_1642 IMG_1647IMG_1655 IMG_1665IMG_1671 IMG_1685IMG_1689 IMG_1697IMG_1705 IMG_1707IMG_1713 IMG_1722IMG_1725c6IMG_1597IMG_1603c7IMG_1613c2IMG_1557IMG_1575c5 IMG_1589IMG_1539c4IMG_1470 IMG_1478IMG_1501 IMG_1533c3IMG_1535c1IMG_1442IMG_1455IMG_1417 IMG_1429IMG_1382 IMG_1386IMG_1408IMG_1360

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