Melissa~Mysha~Teina | Lethbridge Portrait Photographer

Can I just say that I have a beautiful family!! We thought it would be super fun to have our own little stylized photoshoot! These girls were seriously the best models! I’m really happy with how these ones turned out! But Im not going to lie, the mosquito’s were TERRIBLE!! I am never going down to Indian Battle Park in the summer again. I must have had at least 27 bites on my legs alone. But it was soooo worth it in the end! We even had a professional make-up artist come in and she did an amazing job!! PLUS who knew Melissa was an expert on hair! The hair was spectacular!

Make-up: Janessa Hendry

Hair: Melissa Lowry


IMG_1201IMG_1202IMG_1204IMG_1205c16 c1817 c1IMG_1195IMG_1162c14c15IMG_1176 IMG_1180 IMG_1186IMG_1194c13IMG_1121IMG_1128 IMG_1133 IMG_1140IMG_1147 IMG_1160c12IMG_1102IMG_1103 IMG_1108 IMG_1111c11IMG_1115IMG_1080 IMG_1083c10IMG_1096 IMG_1100IMG_1067c9IMG_1072IMG_0849IMG_0859IMG_0868c2IMG_0880c3IMG_0886c4IMG_0903IMG_0912 IMG_0928 IMG_0936c7IMG_0946IMG_0980c5c6IMG_1011IMG_1027 IMG_1043 IMG_1045c8IMG_0831 IMG_0838

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