Jazi | Drayton Valley Portrait Photographer

Jazi was an absolute dream child to work with!! Her smile was so sincere and her eyes are incredible! She was so sweet and very happy the whole time. She followed direction very well, it felt like I was taking pictures of a model she was so good! Can you seriously believe she’s only 6!!?? She is stunning and I was so happy to do this for her and her wonderful parents, whom are also sweet and very kind! Happy birthday Jazi!

IMG_0486.1 IMG_0525.1 IMG_0527.1

IMG_0527.1IMG_0532.1 IMG_0558.1 IMG_0564.1IMG_0566.1 IMG_0589.1 w1w2 w3IMG_0484.1c4 IMG_0468.1 IMG_0470.1IMG_0473.1IMG_0481.1

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