Rebecca Curry | Drayton Valley Senior Portrait Photographer

My sister has graduated!!!! So so proud of her! She looked absolutely stunning! The day went so perfectly. The weather was beautiful, her date was handsome, her friends were gorgeous, and the ceremonies were excellent. Congrats to my little sister on such a huge accomplishment! Muah!!

IMG_9909 IMG_9973 IMG_9981c6 c7c3 c4 c5c2IMG_9890 IMG_9897 IMG_9899IMG_0011 IMG_0018 IMG_0050IMG_0058 IMG_0060 IMG_0087c1IMG_0094 IMG_0130 IMG_0143IMG_0145 IMG_0221 IMG_0228IMG_0269 IMG_9791 IMG_9801

2 thoughts on “Rebecca Curry | Drayton Valley Senior Portrait Photographer

  1. Brittany!

    I didn’t even know you had a photography website! These pictures are soooo beautiful. Your sister is gorgeous and her dress/hair colour combo is absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to snoop through the rest of your pictures on this glorious site!


    1. Well thank you!!! And she is gorgeous isn’t she!??? That colour is probably the MOST flattering for us Red Heads. No doubt.


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