Cari Enesa ~ Stylized | Hawaii Portait Photographer

This is my 2nd Stylized Photoshoot and it was such a blast!! Cari is my very good friend here on the Island and she was such a perfect model. It was just a small and quick shoot, but they turned out so beautiful. Everything looked fabulous! Although we ran out of light at the end, it was still amazing! My new passion is making head pieces, and this is my second one that I’ve photographed and just love it! It was seriously so fun. This is why I love my job!

Hair & Make-Up: Cari Enesa

Head Piece: Brittany Lowry

Styling: Brittany Lowry



2 thoughts on “Cari Enesa ~ Stylized | Hawaii Portait Photographer

    1. That would be totally fine! Assuming you will be referencing my business name with the text. Can I also ask what site it will be copied to?


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