Michelle & Jory Stylized | Hawaii Wedding Photographer

This is my first Stylized Photoshoot! And I think it turned out really well! We had a lovely Make-up Artist and two Beautiful Models and a Gorgeous location! No joke, on our way to the location, it was POURING rain. I was devastated. Everything was perfect except for the weather! I prayed all day long just asking that it simply won’t rain on us while we’re shooting. God must have heard my prayers loud and clear because once we got there, it stopped raining!! SAY WHAT! All though it was extremely overcast, the light was at least somewhat bright. Can you believe that it was dark and stormy just 10 minutes before we started shooting?? Ya me neither.

You know when you have the perfect models, the perfect make-up, the perfect location, the perfect outfit, and you just can’t help but show everything you shot??? Ya that happened. So basically Im going to show you every photo I took because it’s too hard to choose which ones not to use! So here we go.

Models: Michelle and Jory Johnson

Make-Up: Celeste Lagunes

Hair: Michelle Johnson

Head Piece: Brittany Lowry

Location: Kahuku Farms

Photography: Brittany Lowry Photography



2 thoughts on “Michelle & Jory Stylized | Hawaii Wedding Photographer

    1. Oh she WAS a dream to photography and work with!! Made my job incredibly easy. I LOVED photographing her. She has done a bunch of pageants in the past so a little modelling. But she could do it full time and be so successful!!


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